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People turn to alternative therapies when traditional treatments aren't enough.


We Treat the Whole Person

At Mirashift, we provide CranioSacral Therapy that offers a balanced, integrative approach to your healing process. In consultation with our clients we consider all aspects of a person’s life including nutrition, sleep, and, most of all, stress.

Our focus is on healing pain by helping the body self-correct when traditional treatments have been unable to provide significant results. Our clients stay consistent with their preventive healthcare as they benefit from the variety of somatic therapies we offer.

We encourage you to take the next step in your healing and wellness, and experience a new level of individualized care.


Are you ready to feel better?

Our somatic therapies complement your traditional care, reducing symptoms and side effects to help you feel better.


CST with Monica was a healing experience. My stress level dropped dramatically, and the nagging pain in my right shoulder was gone... permanently gone.

Liz Noell
client since 2012

CST has been very helpful to lower my stress levels, increase my mind-body awareness and help with TMJ.  It's one of the things I do for preventative maintenance.

N. T. 
Chicago, IL

Craniosacral was exactly what our baby needed and we will continue taking him back to see Monica to help his nervous system develop well. 10000% recommend!

Stacy G.

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